Auto Service

Auto service checks should be carried out every year to ensure that your car or van runs properly.

Transmission Repair

The transmission is the most complex component on a vehicle today, containing over 200 parts on average.

Auto Diagnostic

We have professional diagnostic scanning equipment that allows us to identify specific vehicle problems quickly and easily.

Auto AC Repair

It seems there is nothing more important, on a hot summer day than a properly functioning AC system in your car.

Welcome to C and H Auto Repair LLC, New Jersey

Since our inception in 2004, C & H Auto Repair LLC is offering the top quality auto service and auto diagnostics in NJ at competitive rates. We are one of the leading auto service and auto diagnostics provider in New Jersey.

C & H Auto Repair LLC is proficient in offering a wide variety of auto services to keep your vehicles running in NJ. We offer, check engine light, transmission repair, auto diagnostic, auto AC repair, car repair services, radiator repair, auto brake service, suspension repair and much more. No service work is undertaken until you the customer has agreed on the work beforehand, making us one of the most transparent cars servicing companies in the NJ today. Each service or repair is carried out to the manufacturer's specifications, making sure the vehicle warranty is protected at all times.

C & H Auto Repair LLC is here to make the process of having a car service hassle free, convenient and profitable. No need to worry about hassling dealing with a garage or negotiating the service cost and work, just book your auto service with us, and we will make sure everything is taken care for you.

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